Mesmerising Alberobello – Two days in this beautiful UNESCO world heritage site

Glimpses of White washed houses, conical roofs , teeny-weeny streets, delicious Italian food ,entertaining locals altogether mark Alberobello  a potential travel destination.

It is a small town tucked far away to the south of Italy and  is a travel marvel to all the travel enthusiasts. It has the characteristics  of the old world charm  and is exceptionally picturesque due to its impressive trullis. It’s rich history and architecture marks it a cultural experience to all those who visit this place.


Impressive trullis


 How to get there : 

The closest airports to Alberobello are Bari and Brindisi.  We chose Bari airport. Once we landed we managed to find a cab as it was a Sunday and there were limited buses and no trains. It’s an hour ride by cab or  two hours by train from Bari (choose not to go on a Sunday).  Cabs are pretty expensive so I suggest a train/ bus if u are looking for a budget travel as they are extremely affordable and also convenient from the airport. Once you reach the Alberobello railway station , its 5-10minutes drive to your destination.


The best way to experience Alberobello is staying in a trullo. The theory of origin of this design and using dry stone to build was a way to evade high taxes opposed by the officials. Our trullo consisted of a seating area, dining area and a restroom and had a semi- parting for the bedroom. You get various options in trullis including vacation homes and resorts. We opted  Tipico Resort  and it was very convenient.


Seating area inside our trullo


Storage area in the roof to store food during winters.




Budget :

high seasons –  250€ – 300€ Per night for food and stay on an average per couple.

low seasons – 200€ Per night for food and stay on an average per couple.

Plus add flights, local transportation and shopping to this.


Shopping and Dining :

The economy of the locals is mainly based on tourism. Small lanes are occupied with charming souvenir shops and restaurants. You find local souvenirs , decorative pieces,  hand woven woolen sweaters and many more and I felt it was important for the tourists to support the locals as they rely mostly on tourism.

We were relieved to discover that there were plenty of good Italian restaurants which you can choose among. For lunch we opted semi indoor restaurant like trullo garden. For dinner we opted  Pozzo Contino which is a rooftop restaurant. You can indulge in delicious food as well as the gorgeous trulli setting.


My miniature trullo


Tiny lanes as good as a fairytale





Entertainment :

Evenings are absolutely vibrant especially during weekends across the town. We experienced many recreational performances, sound and light shows , walking tours.





Walking tours : 

Alberobello is a very small town and walking the entire trulli place is not very challenging.  We passed by many trullis where locals were inhabiting aswell as regular houses which were lately built. The winters in Alberobello are expected to be spectacular  aswell with heavy snowfall ( gathered some information from the locals).

Feeling rested and fabulous


Want to travel to this beautiful world heritage site during winters for a different experience ? Share your experiences below . Will be glad to hear them.

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